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Adventures Down Under… But where’s the Camper?

LOOK OUT! Adventures Coming Down Under

OK, guys, I know this is a campervan blog, but campervanning is all about getting out there into the big wide world and having a few adventures, right?

So I thought some of you might be interested to know about Steve & my travels in Australia back in October – even if they weren’t in a campervan!

Last summer, we decided it was about time we took a decent bit of time off. We’d uhmed and ahhed over the past few years about going to Oz to visit friends & family there, so now it was time to get our act together and book a flight.

We went for a month, all told, and if you want to see some of what we got up to, here’s a snap I took of  Steve feeding the camels on my sister’s farm (I’ve left out the spider pix for now!)


The minute we hit the airport, I began scribbling in my notebook and, by the end of our time in Australia, it was full to bursting with adventures & reflections from our travels. So it won’t surprise you that all this gadding about has inspired a new book which is planned for release some time this year.

Here’s the cover and a link to find out more. If you wish, you can also sign up to get New Release news so that you’ll hear when the book is released…

Up a Creek Down Under - book cover

Adventures in an Australian Homeland

Fun & quirky travel tales from the pen of Alannah Foley…


The Jacaranda Trail - ebook & paperback cover

My earlier travel book set in Australia is called The Jacaranda Trail. In a nutshell, it’s the story of a journey I made to my Australian birthplace back when I was in my twenties.

I stayed Down Under for five years & got much more than I bargained for, that’s for sure!

Discovering I had another sister… Living on a camel farm… Picnicking with kookaburras… And City Farming, to name a few things. I also found my long-lost grandmother who had left my mother in an orphanage from an early age.

Click below if you’d like to find out more about The Jacaranda Trail – it’s available in print as well as in digital

CLICK HERE for more on The Jacaranda Trail

I’m now about half way through a first draft of Up a Creek Down Under, so look out for more news on that as we near completion.

Meantime, I hope if you live in England, you’re not letting the weather get you down too much… Storms, wind, rain – and snow in some areas (chance for a bit of ‘Arctic campervanning’ for you tough nuts out there!)… In amongst it all, though, we usually get the odd sunny day, even if it is a bit nippy.

If you enjoyed reading the blog today, why not comment to say so below. Or maybe it’s sparked off some travel memories of your own Down Under!?

Anyway, take care, and I’ll be in touch again when I have more news.

All the best!



Alannah Foley
aka The Pyjama Writer


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Smashwords Summer/Winter SALE – 2014

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As you know, Campervan Capers is now released in paperback with CreateSpace, and this will shortly be joined by my latest novel-length book, Tales from Corny Cove, which is set on a campsite on Cornwall’s picturesquely rugged north coast. The ebook’s retail price will shortly increase, so why not get it for FREE in the Summer Sale?

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Amazonian Discount

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Campervan Capers Book

As per my recent blog, my Campervan Capers book is now in print, and I’ve noticed it’s come up at a discounted rate on Amazon UK – reduced from £6.99 to £6.29 – and that includes postage & packaging, too.  Great value!

I have no idea (or control over) when these offers will appear, so if you’ve been thinking of getting the book, why not head on over to the Campervan Capers page on Amazon.co.uk to read a sample before you decide to buy?

Offer ends…  I don’t know when!


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