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PAPERBACK out NOW – Tales from Corny Cove

Tales from Corny Cove by Alannah Foley
Life in a Cornish Paradise…
What could Possibly Go Wrong?

My latest book is out now in paperback and I’m posting news of this on the Campervan Capers blog because I think it’s bound to appeal to a few campervan lovers.

The tales are set down on the beautifully rugged Cornish coast, where Henry & Margaret have moved to run a campsite in the hope of ‘living the dream’.

A reminder that the Smashwords Summer Sale is on till the end of July, in which you can get the digital version for FREE.

For all the info, visit the Foley’s Forum blog.


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PREVIEW & FREE eBOOK… Tales from Corny Cove

Tales from Corny Cove - due for release 6 July 2014I recently blogged a brief message about my forthcoming book, which I thought would be of interest to those of you into campervanning, beautiful landscapes, holidays, or who just love Cornwall.  So in this blog, I thought I’d tell you a bit more…

The novel-length book is called Tales from Corny Cove (Life in a Cornish Paradise…  What could Possibly go Wrong?) and it’s set on a fairly remote cliff-top campsite in Cornwall, England, overlooking the golden sands of Corny Cove beach.

The main characters, Henry & Margaret, move down south to ‘live the dream’, only to discover that this involves dealing with a few nightmares, too.

Set during the course of a typical British holiday season, the interwoven tales are full of twists, turns, and tickles, with the bespectacled Henry having a hard time from the likes of ‘Rusty’ Gates, the obnoxious red-bearded farmer next door, and campers like the brutish Mr Botherham and unruly Mrs Gladstone.

As you can imagine, with delightful picturesque landscape on the one hand, and a host of bothersome characters on the other, life at Corny Cove can be both a blessing and a curse.

Beastly Encounters - Free eBook - Tale #1 from Tales from Corny CovePREVIEW & FREE eBOOK available NOW!
I’ve recently been posting up-to-the-minute news about the book on my Foley’s Forum blog.  In a nutshell, I’ve been posting Sneak Peeks, you can preview the first 20% of Tales from Corny Cove on Smashwords prior to its release on 6th July (2014!), and you can also get the first tale, Beastly Encounters, as a free ebook.  So why not download it now?

Remember!  You DON’T need an eReader to read any of my books.  Printable & screen-readable versions are available, as well as formats for your favourite eReader (including Kindle, iPhone & iPad!).

Everyone loves to hear about free stuff, so why not share the above links with people you know?  On each Smashwords book page, you can also click a button to LIKE it on Facebook, Tweet it, or pass on the good news via other social media networks.

I hope you’ll celebrate the launch of the ebook version on Smashwords on Sunday 6th July.  It will then be distributed to the likes of major outlets such as Apple, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.  Shortly thereafter, I’m looking to publish in digital on Amazon and in print with CreateSpace.  You can subscribe to the Foley’s Forum blog to ensure you don’t miss out on any news & offers.

CAMPER LOVE by Jamie Tinney - click to preview it on AmazonDID YOU MISS…?
Camper Love is the latest release from Summersdale Publishing – a photo-book which I’ve been invited to review.  So if you’re into VW campers, check out my last blog which gives you the low-down on the book, as well as a few luscious Dub pix.

I know the weather is fickle here in England, but I hope those of you who live here have been getting out and enjoying the recent sunshine – be it in a camper, or just sitting out in the garden and mopping up the rays!

HAPPY SUN-WORSHIPPING!  (While it lasts!)

Alannah Foley



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Sneak Peek at the New Book

If you’re into campervanning,
or love Cornwall,
you might just be interested in
my forthcoming book
set on a Cornish campsite:

“Tales with twists, turns & tickles…”

Click for a sneak peek at the first tale
on the Foley’s Forum blog…

And remember to
pass on the good news!

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