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As mentioned in the ABOUT tab, I spend a lot of my time writing (or on writing-related activities). One of my early books was Campervan Capers, and I’ve also published several other works – including other travel books and fiction with a campervan/ campsite theme. Most of my books are listed below (I try to keep this up to date but something new may have come out since).  Click a link for more info…




 *Campervan Capers

A light-hearted yet practical travel book for the aspiring or newbie campervanner.

The Jacaranda Trail

A Journey of Discovery Down

Up a Creek Down Under

Adventures in an Australian Homeland

 * *

The Campervan Bushman Mystery Series

Light, cosy mysteries with
an edge of humour, a sense of adventure, and a hint of romance.

* * *

The Tales from Corny Cove series

The TALES from CORNY COVE Series

A series of light-hearted, easy-read novelettes with a feel-good ending
set in an idyllic holiday location –
on a campsite on the coast of Cornwall in the south of England.

* * *

The Cycling Widows trio

The Cycling Widows Series

A series of satirical works designed for the new or seasoned Cycling Widow, who has to contend with the fallout of her partner’s cycling obsession on a daily basis.

* * *

Short Stories & Standalone Titles

Standalones & Short Stories

Check out the Books page of my website and the Short Stories pages of my website to see what titles are currently on my shelf.

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