Down a Writing Mineshaft

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Engine HouseHi there!

Where I live in Cornwall, England, there are plenty of old mineshafts that you might inadvertently fall down if you don’t watch your step (and they’re not fenced off). Since I haven’t blogged for a loooong time, you might have wondered whether this fate had befallen me.

Well, fortunately, this is not the case. However, there’s a good reason for my absence from the ‘blogosphere’. And whyshall become clear as this post unfolds. So if you want to know the long and the short of my author journey over the past few years, and where things are at today, you’d better get the kettle on (‘cos this does go on a bit!)…

OK, so firstly, in 2017, after about 6 years of writing & self-publishing my own books, I started showing signs of burnout.

Not an unusual phenomenon!

Readers are usually quite unaware just how much…

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