LATEST NEWS – Too Much Grindstone?

Nose to the Grindstone

As mentioned on the blog’s homepage, my travel blogging has, over these past few years, had to make way for other projects.  I’ve posted the odd tiding, but I’ve had a lot going on over this past year and a half – including rebuilding and renaming my main website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re still using the old Foley’s Forum website link, be aware that you need to update your favourites to pick up the new Pyjama Writer link instead – click here for details of all this in a previous blog.

In any case, here’s a quick round-up of my ‘latest’ escapades…  You can click on any of the images to find out more.


Life in a Cornish Paradise…
What could Possibly Go Wrong?

Tales from Corny Cove


An Action/Adventure-Style Novel with a Twist of Humour
Set in the World of Cycling

Cyclopathic Tendencies



The Trials & Tribulations
of Living with an Obsessive Cyclist

Cycling Widows 2

The Cycling Widow’s

The Cycling Widow's Survival Guide


Beastly Encounters and The Cycling Widow’s Survival Guide are permanently FREE for anyone who wants to download them, and the other cycling-related ebooks will be running at a DISCOUNT for a very short time.  So if any of them takes your fancy, why not check them out and get them at a reduced price while the offer is on?

With all these book projects going on, it might sound like I’ve got my nose too close to the grindstone.  Well, that’s probably true to some extent, but I do still make time to get out and about.  Earlier this year, Steve & I took a trip up to the Lake District, followed more recently by a weekend shimmying along the Tarka Trail.  (I have to admit, after a couple of weeks off the bike, my backside was in need of a rub – thank goodness for Steve!).

And for my NEXT ACT?

Although I haven’t strayed too far into campervan territory with the above books (the nearest I’ve got is Corny Cove), my latest writing project does involve a chap with a campervan.  I’ve been beavering away on this one these past weeks now.  However, this is the first place I’ve mentioned anything, as the project is still under wraps, so I don’t want to give too much away at this point – I’m still in the ‘creative stage’ where anything could happen!

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By the way, I post far more regularly on the Pyjama Writer Blog – eg you can pick up a free read in the FREEBIE MONDAY slot each week.  Why not try it out?

Best wishes, and I hope you’re making the most of the summer – even if it does rain sometimes!

Alannah Foley


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