Dirty Little SECRETS & Website HIJACKINGS

Finally! A news update… and one with a difference!

The Pyjama Writer Blog

The Pyjama Writer website

If you’re a follower of what goes on in my little writing world, you may have noticed over the past few months that my website & blog appear to have been hijacked. Yep, the old Foley’s Forum header has definitely disappeared – and in its place is the name of some strange persona called The Pyjama Writer. So what the heck’s been going on here?

Well, as the new year rolled in, I began toying with the idea of updating my website name to one I’ve been using in jest for quite some time at home: The Pyjama Writer.

So, where does this name originate? Does it come from an unquenchable thirst for writing about comfy night-wear? Err… no! It’s, well, because… I just love to do my writing… wearing… yes, PYJAMAS!

P-H-E-W!  I’ve finally fessed up!

Some might think of writing as a noble art, an…

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