Smashwords Summer/Winter SALE – 2014

Get discounted/free copies of all Alannah's ebooks this month
If you haven’t yet bought the Campervan Capers ebook,
why not get it at 50% OFF for THE REST OF JULY?

All my books are discounted or free in the Smashwords Summer Sale
so why not pop on over to the Foley’s Forum blog for more info?

Get a FREE COPY of Tales from Corny Cove for the rest of July - more info on the Foley's Forum blog

As you know, Campervan Capers is now released in paperback with CreateSpace, and this will shortly be joined by my latest novel-length book, Tales from Corny Cove, which is set on a campsite on Cornwall’s picturesquely rugged north coast. The ebook’s retail price will shortly increase, so why not get it for FREE in the Summer Sale?

No eReader?  NO PROBLEM!
All my Smashwords ebooks are available in formats to read on computer screen, print off at home, as well as for just about every eReader out there!

Enjoy your discounts/freebies!

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