CAMPER LOVE by Jamie Tinney - click to preview it on AmazonFEAST YOUR EYES ON THIS!
This is just ONE of the luscious photos
in the recently-released photo-book…

CAMPER LOVE by Jamie Tinney

Published by Summersdale, this hardback is “a celebration of the coolest van on earth” – the VW camper, that is!!!

Rather than being full of lengthy prose, Camper Love has a delightfully simplistic beauty, blending high quality photography with inspirational quotes.

CAMPER LOVE by Jamie Tinney - click to preview it on Amazon
Photos of VW campers range from pristine Dubs overlooking refreshing ocean views, to ‘vans seeking an exquisite escape to the countryside, right on down to a neglected rust-bucket rig that a VW enthusiast would still look upon with rose-tinted specs. I have to say, I was drooling with envy at how clean some of the ‘vans were – put mine to shame! But then I got to wondering whether the owners were fastidious, or just good at Photoshopping out all the dirt!  Hmm…

Another inspiring VW pic… The only downside of its pristine beauty is that it puts some of us to shame that our campers aren’t quite as clean!

In my view, Camper Love is best browsed at your leisure on a road trip with a hot cuppa, when you can kick back and open it at random to be greeted by an inspiring photo and thought-provoking quote to ponder. I think my favourite quote was by Lovelle Drachman: “Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures”.

CAMPER LOVE by Jamie Tinney - click to preview it on Amazon

Camper Love would make a great gift book for any VW campervan lover.  If your appetite has been whetted by the pix in this blog (which were loaned to me by Summersdale for this blog – so please respect the copyright!), why not preview & purchase it on Amazon?  Full details are also below.

Now then, after looking at that little lot, I think I’d better go and give the old camper a bit of a wash-down and vacuum!


CAMPER LOVE by Jamie Tinney

Published in hardback from 2 June 2014
ISBN 978-1-84953-592-2
Summersdale publishers
Dimensions: 180 x 240
Pages: 124

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I hope you’ll enjoy checking out Jamie’s new VW camper book!

Alannah Foley





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2 responses to “CAMPER LOVE… VW Book Review

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  2. Jo Gemmell

    That’s my photo of the orange interior!! Got an early copy of the book – it’s very cool 🙂

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