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As per my recent blog, my Campervan Capers book is now in print, and I’ve noticed it’s come up at a discounted rate on Amazon UK – reduced from £6.99 to £6.29 – and that includes postage & packaging, too.  Great value!

I have no idea (or control over) when these offers will appear, so if you’ve been thinking of getting the book, why not head on over to the Campervan Capers page on to read a sample before you decide to buy?

Offer ends…  I don’t know when!


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2 responses to “Amazonian Discount

  1. Ian North

    Well worth 6.29. Any news regarding Cycling Widows serialisation in Cycling magazine? Ian.

    • Hi, Ian. Thanks for commenting… No, I haven’t chased this up at all… I’d quite put it out of my mind, to be honest. In any case, over time, I’ve found it much more enjoyable to be an ‘indie’ – ie publish independently, plodding along happily at my own pace with the projects I enjoy, rather than chasing up publications/publishers that don’t even do you the courtesy of replying.

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