CAMPERVAN CAPERS – Launch Celebration!

AFTER MONTHS of writing
, rewriting, editing & formatting, I’m pleased to finally announce the publication of CAMPERVAN CAPERS!

I had hoped to publish earlier, but what with us Bimblin’ Round Belgium, it’s had to be delayed by several weeks.  Never mind – my aim of a spring release has still hit a bull’s-eye!

If you’re new to Campervan Capers, the book is a light-hearted yet practical travel book and follows me & my partner, Steve, in our first year of owning a campervan.  And it will no doubt appeal to anyone with a campervan or motorhome, or to those of you who enjoy travel and may have had the occasional dream of owning a camper.

Campervan Capers has now been released with Smashwords in a variety of formats, making it easy to download for eReaders, home printing, or reading on a computer screen.

Why not click on the link to visit the Smashwords website, where you can currently read the first 20% of the book for FREE?  While you’re there, you can also download another freebie extracted from the book, The Welsh Leek Conspiracy.

Not only do I hope readers will enjoy our mini adventures (to places like Wales, Derbyshire, Cornwall & many more), but I’ve also included several sections at the end of the book which I hope will be useful: 30 Top Tips for the Novice, Useful Weblinks, and Considerations when Buying a Motorhome or Caravan.

In addition, don’t forget to check out my infamous (and totally spurious) Faux Reviews by Pseudo-Celebrities from the book, which are free to read on my website, as are my Campervan Capers photos on Flickr and the new travel photo collages just added to my Foley’s Forum website.



Campervan Capers 2 will be out shortly, too.  This sequel gathers together the 2011 entries from the Campervan Capers blog and adapts them into a free, handy eBook, also to download in a variety of formats.


So if you want to find out the latest news & offers, and haven’t already subscribed to the blog, then why not pop your email address into the subscription box (in the panel on the right)?  You’ll automatically get sent an email whenever new posts appear, saving you the hassle of checking for updates.

Hope you enjoy the new offerings!

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