Campervan Capers on Flickr

CAMPERVAN CAPERS fans will by now know that the long-awaited Campervan Capers book is on its way to being released within the next few weeks…  It is, of course, a light-hearted yet practical travel tale which follows me & my partner, Steve, on our first year exploring the world of campervanning.

Due to us Bimblin’ Round Belgium recently, of course, there has been a slight delay in getting the book out, but I do like to keep our readers happy.  So in the meantime, I’ve not only published The Welsh Leek Conspiracy – an extract from the book – but have now put together a whole bunch of photos on Flickr, taken whilst on our mini adventures.

Click on the link to check out the photos on Flickr, and if you missed The Welsh Leek Conspiracy, then just log onto Smashwords.  It’s a free light-hearted travel tale downloadable in various formats – for eReaders or home printing.

As soon as I’ve finished putting the final touches to Campervan Capers, I’ll let you know.  In the meantime, enjoy the photos!

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