Feeding Leeks to the Wolves

CAMPERVAN CAPERS fans will be wondering by now…  Didn’t you promise us a travel book come spring?

Have no fear!  The Campervan Capers book, which is is a light-hearted yet practical travel tale about our first year exploring the world of campervanning, and is still on track for publication…

The manuscript is now at the stage where it needs a few finishing touches before it’s formatted, so my best estimate is that it will be released around the end of April.

I can only guess that some of you have been waiting on tenterhooks for the launch of book, right?  So, to ‘keep the wolves from the door’, I’ve published a short light-hearted tale called The Welsh Leek Conspiracy.  This is an extract adapted from the book and is downloadable for free in a variety of formats – for eReaders or home printing.

To get your free download, just click on the link and log onto Smashwords.  In the meantime, look out for more news on the Campervan Capers book later in April…

* * *

Blurbs for The Welsh Leek Conspiracy and the Campervan Capers book:

A Short Travel Tale ‘eBook’

Wouldn’t you think you’d be able to find at least one leek in Wales?
After all, it is their national emblem!…



A Couple’s First Year
Exploring the World of Campervanning

 What do you do when you’ve got itchy feet but don’t want to uproot your life?
Buy a campervan!
At least, that’s what this couple did.

After a rather nomadic life, the author settles down with her partner inCornwall,England.  But, after a number of years, those itchy, old feet want to get on the move again.

On a restless whim, the couple decide to buy a campervan.   It turns out to be a great compromise.  Now they can up-sticks whenever they want without having to completely uproot their lives.

Campervan Capers follows the capering couple through their first year of owning a camper, and blends travel tale with humour whilst also addressing some of the more practical aspects.

(Travels are withinBritain& include:Wales, Derbyshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Devon,Cornwall& more.)

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