Campervan Capers TOO!

My regular subscribers will no doubt be aware that I’ve been busy writing a book called CAMPERVAN CAPERS about our first year’s exploration of the campervan world.

Well, I’m more than happy to say that it’s still on track for release around springtime.  Around then, I’ll also be publishing CAMPERVAN CAPERS 2, which is a handy, free eBook adapted from the 2011 Campervan Capers blog entries.  For those of you who enjoy our travel pictures, there’ll also be links in both books to online photos.

In any case, I’m now pleased to be able to share with you the finished book cover & blurb, which are on a new page of my website if you’d like to check it all out at

As always, my eBooks will be available to download in a variety of formats – either for eReaders or home printing – so whether you’ve got a device like a Kindle or iPad, or prefer to read from a bit of paper, there should be a format suitable for you.

I’ll also be on the lookout for a few willing folk to review my books in exchange for a freebie when they’re published.  So, if you have any friends or family who own motorhomes, caravans, or just love reading travel tales, then remember to pass on the links.  There’s also a Campervan Capers Facebook page for those who like to get updates that way.

And, by the way… HAPPY NEW YEAR, and may it be the start of many a new enjoyable adventure!

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