Seeing the Light of Day

No doubt my devoted subscribers will have been wondering lately whether our campervan might have fallen down a black hole – or else been retired to the Scrapyard in the Sky – since I haven’t posted a darned thing for some time.

Well, just to reassure you, the campervan is fine (touch metal) and we’ll be firing it up for another short trip away soon.


Yes, over the past few months, we’ve left the holidaymakers to trawl through the traffic on the Cornish roads whilst remaining delightfully unencumbered by the “Silly Season”, catching up on the jobs list in the garden…  And if that hasn’t tired me out, the many hours I’ve been spending to get my new website & accompanying blog online will.


For those of you who have been waiting to hear more on my Campervan Capers book, there’s now a dedicated Campervan Capers page on my new Foley’s Forum website which you can visit.  And, if you have the time & inclination, there are plenty of free-to-read stories, articles & poems while you’re there.

The Campervan Capers book still needs some work before it’ll be finished.  But, in the meantime, you can look forward to my Cycling Widows book, which I’m now getting ready for publication in digital format.

Campervan Capers – along with another of my books, The Jacaranda Trail – will be destined for the same digital makeover.  This will mean that all you eReader lovers out there will be able to download it… and the cyber-shy, who prefer good, old-fashioned paper, can print my books up to read at their leisure.

For all you social networkers, I also have a Campervan Capers page on Facebook (details on the Contact/Links page of my website), and I’d be delighted if you’d join me there.

In any case, I’ll be keeping you all updated as things unfold.  And, if you have any friends or family who you think might be interested in any of the above, feel free to pass on the details.

Been reading the blog for a while but still not subscribed?…

Shame on you!  If you want to get posts from this site, just click on the ‘I’m keen!’ button to the right of the blog & enter your details.  It’s so simple, a three-year-old could do it!  (How reassuring to know you can always rely on your grandkids when you’re struggling with technology!)

Coming soon…

Get ready for another mini campervan adventure in the not-too-distant future.  I look forward to blogging you again soon – and, hopefully, I’ll manage to get out there with the camera after being cooped up with my website for all this time!  Yippeee!!!


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2 responses to “Seeing the Light of Day

  1. hayley

    Hi banana!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lovely to see you are doing what your best at ! Really looking forward to reading cycling widow, if its any where near as good as your last book, cant wait to read
    it !!!!!!!!!!!! Your books are amazingly fantasticly interesting to read, cant wait and good luck in all you do. Hope you have a nice time away, we just had a lovely week in west wales, ha ha no phone signal or tv for a week , how lovely. pop down again for a brew when you passing, take care and speak soon 🙂 x x x x x x x


    Pleased to hear that you both have not given up on the camper van. Pat & I are looking forward to reading more from the Cycling Widow.

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