Steve’s Cycle Shorts 2 – Not Floating My Bike

Buckfastleigh – Evening Race

14th May 2011

When keen cyclists like myself look out the window and see it’s a floater, they can’t help sighing, “If only I were racing tonight, I’d have a good chance of improving my Personal Best.”  And, as there have been a few floaters lately, I’ve been rather obsessing over them…

Now, just in case there are any alarmed non-cyclists reading this, I’d better explain that ‘floaters’ aren’t as bad as they sound.  They are, in fact, those calm conditions in which you’re most likely to increase your PB because there’s no wind to hinder you as you hurtle along at a pace that would make your granny giddy.

Having heard me moan on about missing out on all the floaters lately, my poor Cycling Widow of a partner looked up the forecast on the internet to see what the conditions would be for my time trial on Saturday evening.

“Look,” said Alannah, “do you really want me to tell you what it says?”  Her rationale was that, if I knew it was going to be windy, I’d worry my cycling socks off all week about the possibility of doing a bad time… and if the forecast predicted a floater, and it ended up being windy, I’d be disappointed.  “You’re right, don’t tell me anything,” I conceded.

“SLOW”…? Forget that, sunshine! It’s full speed ahead tonight!

So it was that we headed off to Buckfastleigh for the race.  It was lovely and sunny when we parked up and all seemed pretty calm.  But out on the A38, it was a different story, with the wind against me on the return leg.

For any cyclists who don’t know the course and are thinking of trying it, the Cycling Time Trials Council call it S4/10 and it’s a fast out-and-back course, unless you get held up at the turn coming back.

All in all, my body felt stronger than normal and seemed to make up for the wind’s countering effects; and my time wasn’t bad at 24:30.

Although I’m not normally forecast-obsessed, I can’t help thinking about it when it comes to cycling.  But, as my wise soigneur (who’s typing this!) reminded me, the conditions aren’t everything.  In any case, you can’t change the weather, so it’s important to work on the things you can change instead.

When I reflect on my performances, I often come back to one main question: “Am I enjoying myself?”  In all our competing and striving to do better (than ourselves if no‑one else), it’s always important to enjoy the journey and to remember that there’s more to life than floaters.

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4 responses to “Steve’s Cycle Shorts 2 – Not Floating My Bike

  1. hayley

    Hi banana, yet another interesting caper! you learn somethong new everyday, i now know what a floater is, You really must feel like a cyclists widow sometimes dear of you, but you are so good together!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep me posted x x x x x x x
    P s Rios little garden doing really well x x x x x thank you again and keep it going x x x x x x

    • Funny you should mention the cyclist’s widow bit, ‘cos I’ve just created a facebook page for the book I’m writing called CYCLING WIDOWS!!! I know you aren’t on facebook, so will try & remember to let you know when I get my website up and running – which should be pretty soon if I pull my finger out! – and that will have all the info on about it. Have just finished my first draft, so am really pleased to have got this far… Then I can finish typing up CAMPERVAN CAPERS and rework that. YIPPEEEEEEEEEE!!!
      Glad to hear Rio’s garden’s doing well… Let me know when you get some produce. I just got your email today, so will reply soon. xxx

  2. Hi Steve, your absolutely right there is no point in competing if you are no longer enjoying yourself. The great thing about Time Trialling is that your competing against your previous times not merely to win an event.

    • So, what you’re saying, Ian is… (a) It’s the taking part that counts; (b) Everyone’s a winner; (c) Everyone’s a loser, apart from the winner; (d) Anyone who turns up is a winner, as long as they do a better time than last time; or (e) None of the above…?

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