Squiggly Wiggly Blog-a-Majig

When I started this blog, I thought I’d better subscribe to it myself. So hard up was I for subscribers! “But seriously”, I thought I’d better see what all my friendly neighbourhood subscribers were actually getting sent through to them so I could iron out any digital kinks…

Anyway, the last blog (Coast & Carn) came through a little bit squiggly in places. I’m guessing this is due to my positioning of some of the photos and adjustments our computers automatically make based on screen width.

In any case, if you want to see how the blog was ideally meant to look, then as subscribers you can click on the “URL” link bit at the top of your emailed blog… You’ll then be automatically transported, as if by a miracle, through the depths of cyberspace to the online version.


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3 responses to “Squiggly Wiggly Blog-a-Majig

  1. I didn’t notice anything wrong with the blog…….. But that may because I’m used to you being a bit Squiggly Wiggly…. not to mention a bit wibbly wobbly.

    • No worries, then. When I got a copy of the email through, some of the pix weren’t where I’d put them. Nothing serious, though.

      As for whether you’re wibbly wobbly or not, I know you work in LAVENDER PILLOW, one of the best shops around that sells all kinds of nifty things in Mevagissey (hope that’s enough of a plug!)… but perhaps you should lay off the patchouli jossticks for a while, Bazz!

    • Bazz, looks like I read your comment in a rather wibbly-wobbly fashion and thought you were suggesting YOU were wibbly wobbly – in fact you meant ME… So, sorry, I think I should be the one to lay off the jossticks! As recompense, let me just reiterate how wonderful your LAVENDER PILLOW shop is – you know, the one in MEVAGISSEY which sells lots of things worthy of giving as GIFTS, such as the aforementioned jossticks, dragon and fairy paraphernalia, Goth-type clothing, as well as lots of other cool stuff for ‘normal’ people. Could you just remind me of your web address again, Bazz? Wasn’t it http://www.lavenderpillow.co.uk ??? – only I haven’t checked your site out for ages. (That wasn’t a plug – honest, folks… Oh, why has my nose grown a foot longer?)

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