Welcome to Campervan Capers!

If you are thinking of getting a campervan or already have one – whether it’s VW size or a more spacious motorhome – I hope you’ll enjoy reading the mini adventures of me and my partner, Steve.

All our trips took place with the help of our Autosleeper Flair which we bought back in August 2009.  And the aim of the blog is to share some of our funny stories, reflections, impressions of our destinations, as well as to pass on any tips we’ve picked up along the way.

The blog sprung up from my itchy-footed enthusiasm, as well as my enjoyment of writing & photography.  And I’ve now published a book  named after the blog (err… or was it the other way around?…  Anyway, see THE BOOK tab for info on that).

After much avid travelling, and posting on the blog, I realised I needed to prioritise my other writing projects, so I’ve now regrettably put my travel blogging on hold for the time being.  However, the blog is packed with info & pix which I hope you’ll enjoy picking through.  I also post now & then with odd snippets of news, and offers on my book.  And, by the way, you can get Campervan Capers 2 (which is based on the 2011 blog entries) as a free download to read at your leisure (again, see THE BOOK tab for info).

Since our early adventures, we have let go of our trusty old Autosleeper and decided on a more compact & economical Romahome.  Unfortunately, the ‘Tardis’ motorhome we would love to own has not yet materialised (ie one that’s small & easy to manoeuvre on the outside whilst having pots of room on the inside).  So don’t be put off subscribing to the blog – you never know what news or adventures might appear in your Inbox up the track!

I hope you enjoy reading!


8 responses to “Welcome to Campervan Capers!

  1. Our Guide to buying an RV / Motorhome / Campervan – http://festivalessentials.net/guide-buying-motorhome-camper/ Thought it may be useful to some of your readers! :-)

  2. Ed

    Super blog, and some great photos. I think you may already be members of ASOF – if any other owners of AutoSleepers are reading and interested the Auto Sleeper Owners Forum can be Googled or http://www.asof.co.uk and click on forum.

    • Thanks for your comment, Ed. No, we’re not ASOF members. Sorry to disappoint, but we’ve recently sold our Autosleeper and have now got a Romahome… Further info will be blogged & added to the site shortly to keep our avid subscribers updated.

  3. hey there!
    nice blog!

  4. Ian North

    Excellent sounds like you had a great time in Belgium. Really pleased to hear vthat I am not likely to end up wheezing old codger!!

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